I live with my fiancé and my model dog in a small condo in the great state of TEXAS... Dallas, Texas to be exact. I'm in charge of our amazon orders and he is in charge of grilling my chickens for the week.
(Come over and let Collin grill something for you.Your taste buds will thank you later). Together we are the soon to be McWains!
THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME:1. I am constantly singing (in weird voices) and attempting the latest hip dance moves (and mastering them... if you ask me)

2. I am EXTREMELY clumsy. If I end the day without a
cut/bruise/pain then it's a GOOD DAY Y'ALL!

3. I lived in the DFW area my entire life; except for that one time I
joined the Peace Corps and lived in Uganda.

4. My Fiancé and I are obsessed with our son. Brinkley, who is also a dog.
A beautiful & perfect dog. #brinkleysadventures

5. I have an ice cream addiction (preferably dairy-free).
Currently, I'm averaging 3 pints a week.

6. I pick one food to obsess over and stick with it for long periods of time.
PB&J is the current long standing winner.
(There is photo proof in one of the pics to the left)

7. I looooooove LOVE and the connections between people.
I want to be a part of as many love stories as I possibly can.

8. My favorite drinks are: COFFEE, red wine (pinot to be exact), H2O, skinny margaritas (ain't about that sugar life, unless you are ice cream), flavored vodkas, and the occasional coke ZERO.
My name is Madison!

My bags are packed

2018 - 2019 travel schedule

Traveling & exploring new places makes my heart sing. This travel schedule is based on current bookings + my own adventures. If you live near any of these areas & want to book a shoot REACH OUT! I'm always updating it as new trips arise so check back often! And as always, when I'm not traveling you can find me in the great state of Texas.



October - Bend, Oregon, Destin (30A), Austin


November - KC & Austin, Joshua Tree


December - KC & Destin (30A)



January - Destin (30A)


March - Destin (30A), Joshua Tree, Honduras




From start to finish, we loved working with Madison. Her visions for pictures gave us everything we could have hoped for. The pricing was very budget friendly. And when we experienced an unexpected delay to the wedding, Madison was such a blessing to us with her flexibility. I look forward to our next special event.