My name is Madison.

Nice to meet you!

I'm a Dallas-based photographer, as well as a professional robot dancer. I've lived in the DFW area my entire life, except for that one time I lived in Uganda. I love long walks with my model dog, Brinkley, and eating (dairy-free) ice cream straight out of the pint; except I pronounce it "pent".  After spending time with me, you will discover that my creativity extends to my invention of a new language where all metaphors are mashed together like a remix dance club track. I took my first photography class in 2005 and I've been playing with my camera ever since. I love meeting new people, hearing new stories and documenting moments. 



There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than being able to capture a moment forever. I love highlighting the details, they are what make the bigger picture. 

currently: takeout



Creative plus brains = the best duo.  Collin works the technical and I drive the look and feel. We work together on video projects to make your vision a reality.

currently: sleeping in

Pull back the curtain
I want the images
I create to mean
something to someone.
To mean something to you.
My ideal clients are full of life,
deeply in love with life & down
to try something new.