Texas Weddings start at $3,000
Out-of-State Weddings start at $3,200
Destination Weddings start at $4,000
Elopements (under 25 people) start at $1,700
Engagement Sessions $500

Money is NEVER fun to talk about. I get it. I'm in the process of planning my own wedding
so I know just how expensive it can be. Everything starts to add up and the next thing you know your
sitting on the floor in sweat pants, eating a pint of ice cream and crying to your mom... or is that just me?!
I completely understand budgets and I would love to fit into yours. I'm here to help answer any of your questions
and make this as smooth as possible. YOUR WEDDING IS AN IMPORTANT DAY. It's a day that deserves to be
documented and treasured. If you agree, which you should...TRUST ME, then LET'S TALK!

Portraits start at $400
Family Sessions start at $400
All other inquiries, fill out my form on my contact page and I'll send you the pricing info you need.
Money Money Money